Kobe: “Does he know me? Do i know this guy? I dont know this guy…I might’ve said 1 word to this guy, I dont know this kid and I think he…he overreacts to stuff. I mean, I dont know him! I dont think about him! You know we go out there and we play, and when we play during the season we play each other. Thats it. I dont know this kid! I dont need to know this kid and I dont want to. You know we go out there and we play the game and leave it at that. Maybe he wasnt hugged enough as a kid…I look at him a little bit and he gets a little insecure about stuff ”.

Me: Kobe Just shunned Raja in this series lol, he bullied him that shit was unfair but the suns came out on top…this was GREATNESS, Kobe in his prime was greatness.

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