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Nigeria is a place with so many different cultures and backgrounds, soooo many languages. A lot of people don’t know that Nigeria has more muslims than Christians, the Muslims just stay in Nigeria…with that said, stop the bombings!

I mean we bad guys…

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I dated a girl that looked like this once…

I was truly graced with a beauty the day I layed my eyes on you

Oh my, woman you are beautiful, I hope your insides are just as delightful to the senses as your out…no pun intended.

I can’t wait to see Skylar Diggins play at my school again, I’ma fuck her when I’m famous…


Like the islands on which they live, Cape Verdeans are a gorgeous people inside and out. They reflect a bewitching blend of their African and European roots. This mixture is more endearingly referred to as “creole.” There are around half a million native residents living in Cape Verde. Seventy five percent (75%) are of mixed heritage, and the rest are of African heritage.The population is quite young with more than half under the age of 23. And nearly a third is under 15.

I would love to…


I’m not a tittie dude but my last reblog just got crazy


This girl looks like an older version of my ex lmao….but not really, check earlier pics to see what I’m talkin bout

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pretty cute face, but I would call her Ms. Thickums